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Exchanging Links with

We are always seeking to add links to high-quality websites related to translation and/or resource services for academic/industrial research projects. If you are interested in adding a link to your website on our links page, please follow the simple directions below.

1) Place a link to on your resources or links page.
Here is an example of html code you could use to place a link to You may arrange it as necessary, so long as there is a text link directed to our top page.

This code will generate a link as below: Translation services from English to eastern Asian languages for patent, scientific documentation, technical manual/instructions. Areas of specialization include bio-technology, pharmaceutical, biomedical and life sciences and other basic/applied sciences.

2) E-mail us with information of your website.
Please sent an e-mail to with the following information on your website:
  • URL of your website
  • URL of the page with the link to
  • Description of your website
  • Contact name/e-mail

Once we receive your e-mail, we will visit your site to verify the exchange link and the relevance of the content of your website.

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