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Our Services

HSR-USA offers multi-lingual translation services from English into Japanese, Korean or Chinese and vice versa. Translation duties we perform can be categorized into following groups:

I. Patent translation
Whether whole or in part, we work on the translation of any patent depending on your request.

II. Translation of presentation tools such as slide, abstract and handout
This service will provide translations that read as if they were originally crafted in the target language, making your presentation impressive and highly effective to foreign audience.

III. General document translation
We work on any document such as the operating and technical instruction of commercial product or scientific paper. Depending on your request, we can focus on retaining practical and/or theoretical essence from the document. We welcome any short translation.

IV. Website translation
We localize your website for audience in your target country. This will help spread your science business worldwide in an effective manner.

We guarantee the quality and accuracy of our work. Our staff members are native speakers of the target language. To ensure the highest possible level of accuracy and knowledge of current terminology in rapidly changing fields, all our members are active scientists with M.S., Ph.D. and M.D. degrees who are recognized experts in their research areas.

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